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Let’s call this one A Tale of Two Barrooms: Daisy Buchanan’s and the notorious Chelsea strip club King Arthur’s Lounge:

First up, Daisy’s. Now don’t breathe a word of this. Because nobody’s suppose to know. But the legendary jock bar may rise from the dead.

Daisy’s, which closed back in November after serving beer to the city’s pro athletes and the ladies who stalk them for more than 40 years, could be getting a second lease on life.

Word is, Daisy’s owner Joe Cimino is eyeing another Newbury Street building not too far from the former Daisy’s where he could revive the cleat-chasers’ favorite watering hole.

“It’s in the works, but it’s not done yet,” said Someone Who Knows.

Cimino’s real estate guru, Michael Carucci, who handled the sale of the bar at the corner of Newbury and Fairfield streets and an adjoining building to developers, declined to comment on the reports.

In the meantime, we hear original Daisy’s partner, ex-Bruin Derek Sanderson, and NBC sportscaster Bob Costas were inside Daisy’s shooting some kind of special that is supposed to air around St. Patrick’s Day.

The Daisy’s building and the one next-door were sold to UrbanMeritage and Novaya Real Estate Ventures for $14.5 million last spring and the developers plan to convert them into high-end retail space.

Next up: King Arthur’s Motel & Lounge. If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you no doubt can remember the infamous police brutality case that happened at this notorious Chelsea bucket of blood.

In July of 1982, off-duty Everett cop John McLeod got into a fight while doing some after-hours drinking in the lounge. He called some of his fellow cops for backup and officers from both Everett and Chelsea stormed the place carrying guns, bats, clubs and tire irons. They proceeded to break down a motel door and beat the you-know-what out of a couple of men inside. One man died of his injuries and McLeod and another Everett officer, Richard Aiello, were found guilty of second-degree murder. Another Everett officer was found guilty of manslaughter and five Chelsea cops admitted to filing false reports about the incident.

The bar also was the scene of a 2008 shooting and other nefarious doings but somehow the club managed to hold onto its liquor license until earlier this year. That’s when fed-up city officials finally pulled the bar’s ticket for failing to pay some $300,000 in back taxes.

Which brings us to tomorrow, when Daniel P. McLaughlin & Co. will sell the building at a fore-
closure auction to the 
highest bidder.

“From what I hear, there are still bloodstains on the ceiling of what used to be the inn,” McLaughlin told the Track. Eew.

Clearhead Capital is foreclosing on an $865,000 mortgage on the strip club, which, BTW, is located less than a mile from Steve Wynn’s proposed Everett casino — which is a dandy spot for a strip club, doncha think? Word is, city officials are not thrilled with the prospect. But do stay tuned. ...
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